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Trains replaced stagecoaches for mail delivery in Vermont by the mid 1800s. Rail service made delivering the mail quicker and cheaper. Through mail or telegrams, Vermonters kept in touch with their relatives who had left to serve in the Civil War or make their way out west. We know of at least 10 post offices in Vermont that operated in the train depot. In these instances, the postmaster often did triple duty, serving also as the station agent and telegraph agent.

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Posted July 16, 2014 6:57 am

Alternative Mama

Had a great time reading these letters. Very interesting indeed.

Posted February 17, 2014 6:13 am


I absolutely enjoyed reading these letters again and the guestbook entries too. Thanks! I live in London now but I'm originally from Vermont.

Posted February 15, 2014 5:53 pm


It's 2014 now. Technology is commonplace if you were to experience the internet... oh well how to describe it best... I'm at a loss for words. you have never ever even seen a computer in your lives. I think you would have loved it.

Anyway I know you are in a better place now wherever it is. Rest in peace.

Posted February 15, 2014 5:49 pm


Had an amazing time here. I absolutely love this opportunity. You can find the details at my personal blog at simonsblogpark.com/personal/where I mentioned and extensively and in details reviewed this site.

Posted June 13, 2013 8:18 am


I really enjoyed reading these letters again!


Posted May 7, 2010 2:18 pm


Dear reader,
Today the year is 2010. Back in the oldin' days kids had to go to work in the mills. Kids didn't have the choice to go to school. Some people (mostly the boys) had to work in the coal mines. ALso mostly he girls had to work in the industrial mills. Noiw kids have the opportunity to go to school. ALso Vermont didn't used to be a state. Vermont was once just land in between New Yor and New Hampshire. New York and New Hampshire had an arrugment about who would have the land. The king sided with New York because back then England owned New York and on. The King sided with New Hamshire but then a New Yorker went to the king and said that it wasn't fair that New Hampshire got the land and not them. New York then got the land. Then New Hampshire found that unfair so they didn't go to the king but they went ot court. They lost. After that they went and found Ethan Allen. They6 formed a group called the Green Mountain Boys. After that Vermot became its own COUNTRY! Not state biut country. Then only a few years passed and Vermont became oe of the very few states that they had back then. The capital of Vermont is Montpelier. Dairy products were a big problem. Nobody knew how to transport the dairy products without getting them spoiled. Thates when somebody came up with the idea to keep the trains cool. People were cutting down the trees for railroads. They were also cutting down the trees for farming and pasturlands. Back then sheep were more popular than cows! I know hard to believe right? Well its true. Sheep would help the farmers because sheep can be sheared and also many other things. Maple sugaring is done different today then it was done in the 1800's. People used to carry the sap buckets instead of using pipelines because they didn't have any pipelines. Kids can now have the willing opportunity to go to school. As you can see Vermont has changed in many ways.

From, Sam

Posted May 7, 2010 9:42 am


Wow! you guys are very famouse for helping are contry now we are free and are rights are better than they used to be and now kids dont have to work and now they get to go to school and be a normal kid so as you can see us kids have life easier today than back in the oldin days now we have a free country and kids dont have to work letter in 2010 from cortney

Posted May 7, 2010 9:42 am


this letter is in 2010
today vermont is not the same as it was back then beacause kids could not go to school and today guess what they can.kids could not play much because they had to work in mills and minds.they had to get the money for there mom and dad to beable to pay the bills now these days you get paid like 100 dollars back then you get paid 1 penny today you get alot more.if you read this letter please right back please so much i would like to know what you know about vermont and in the olden days bye love Ashley with lots of love day may 7 2010 bye readers

Posted May 7, 2010 9:42 am


This letter is in 2010. Today kids can go to school but back in the 1800's kids didn't have the opportunity to go to school. Kids were to busy working in the mills and what not. Kids could easily get hurt in the mills. Also, today Vermont is an actual state, when back in 1800's that Vermont was becoming a state. To get here though New York and New Hampshire went through a battle. These to states starting fighting because there was left over land in the middle of New York and New Hampshire. In the end The left over land between New York and New Hampshire became Vermont. Today Kids have the opportunity to go to school.

From, Camilla
May 7, 2010

Posted May 7, 2010 9:40 am


Dear people of old days i right this note for you.Its 2010 right now.We can go to school and now we have more inventions!How have you been? Love,Rinny!

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